Easy Ways to Update Your Home Ready to Sell

When preparing to sell your home, a few small enhancements can have a considerable impact on that first make-or-break impression. Here are a few tips to help you hook a buyer right away and set your home up for a fast sale:
Chances are, you have tasks on your to-do list that you just haven’t got around to completing – now is the perfect time to tick them off. Even small things such as squeaky hinges are important to fix, to ensure your home appears well maintained and in full working order.
Take another look for things you may have grown used to, but potential buyers will easily spot such as broken fence panels, leaky taps, damaged gutters, or even crooked shelving.
Decluttering can make spaces look bigger and more inviting to a prospective buyer. Go room by room, removing the items you won’t need between now and moving day. Pay extra attention to cabinets, closets, and pantries. You want to give potential buyers the impression that your home has ample storage.
If your home is simply too busy, despite your efforts to declutter, renting a storage unit for excess furniture is a great way to free up space.
A fresh coat of paint can make the world of difference to how your home appears. Consider opting for timeless, neutral shades – these create a blank canvas for buyers to project their own visions onto.
About a month before listing is the ideal time to start painting. Your walls will still look fresh for viewings, and you’ll leave yourself plenty of time for touch-ups in case any damage occurs during the process of packing.  
Kerb Appeal
First impressions matter and the exterior of your home is the first thing a potential buyer will see. Improving kerb appeal can be as simple as planting some flowers, keeping the lawn neat, and making sure your windows are clean. Sweeping or even power washing your front path will ensure the walk up to your home is spotless.
Weeding, cutting the grass, and adding a few decorative touches are simple, cost-effective ways to make the most of your outdoor space.
Adding elements like a fire pit, accent lighting, and cosy seating will help buyers imagine themselves using the space.
Deep Cleaning
A clean home tells potential buyers that you’ve taken great care of the property, and can also give you an efficient start to your packing.
Tackle one room at a time to keep the task manageable, and focus on areas that tend to be a priority during viewings such as carpets, windows, and bathroom surfaces.
If you have a pet, pay special attention to the areas they spend the most time in. Get carpets and curtains professionally cleaned – this can also help to remove odours that you may be used to.
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